The Audi R8 V10 Performance 
which was once called V10 
plus has 602 Hp and 413 N⋅m 
of Torque which comes from 4 
valve 10 cylinders raucous 
V-10 which produces 5204 cc 
just behind your back and 
delivers it right under your 


Its made from blend of Carbon 
Fiber, Aluminium and 
Magnesium, it is two seater, it's 
mid-engine by any measure is 
a full on super car but it 
doesn't have any of the usual 
Supercar drawbacks. 



Although it shares its powertrain and mechanicsls with its step sister Lamborghini Huracan, but its less sharpedged and surprisingly easy to live with everyday. Outwardly it has sharper bumpers at both ends, larger exhaust piper, has best of supercar cabin of all, fully digital dash to keep you 
focus on steering but it's a 
particularly good looking Although it shares its 
powertrain and mechanicals 
with its step sister Lamborghini 
Huracan, but it's less sharp-
edged and surprisingly easy to 
live with everyday. Outwardly, 
it has sharper bumpers at both 
ends, larger exhaust piper, has 
best of supercar cabin of all, 
as well as powerful and 
comfortable but it comes at a 
price of $208,100. 


It'sAudi R8 V10 Performance
 one of the few cars which could be used a daily 
driver and indeed as a legendary racing monster. Its 
fast but its reliable as it comes from a company 
which builds 1.8 million other cars every year and 
the cherry on the top is, its Audi and it's German. 
Audi just took "if it ain't broke don't fix it" approach 
with new R8 but it did some changes which improves 
it pretty much, like Audi stiffed suspension and 
added carbon anti-roll bar at the front which makes 
it nimble and agile through corners. Has seven-speed 
dual clutch and automatic Quattro all wheel drive 
which helps in situations like understeer and 
oversteer. Now, has reversing camera and L.E.D. 
lights as standard. There are added front end 
sharpness but its not sharp as Maclaren Sport series 
or Porche GT3 but steering has improved.


Audi R8 has more aggressive 
more angry looks on front and 
back of the car. Has new set of 
wheel design which looks 
• Turn Signals are Sequential. 
• Steering has flat bottom and i is 
finished in Alcantara. 
• You can turn on/off the Sport 
exhaust with a push of a button 
on Steering wheel. 
Inside we have to talk about the 
orientation of the interior, 
everything is pretty much geared 
towards the Driver, like there is 
only one screen and its in the 
gauge cluster which passenger 
has no access. Particularly, i love 
the Climate Controls because its 
practical and simple you have 
three dials and three buttons its 
not like so many car in which 
climate control are so 
complicated and annoying have 
so many different buttons lines 
and dashes and this has simply 


 When it comes to interior Audi has done a great job 
as you will put your foot down that roaring V10 will 
take you 0-60 mph in just 3.2 seconds and to top 
speed of 320 km/h but it will sound you like you are 
in Church, with soft quilted leather seats and you are 
protected by R8 by it's luxury cocoon but only with 
vicious power of 602 Hp which in my mind can take 
you to Moon if you unleash it with just a press of 
your right foot while relaxing in Air con. In Audi R8 
you can put child seat in case you wanna show some 
skills to your little one. Indeed it has best Supercar 
Cabin of all it's spacious, its comfortable, its good 
looking and best of all now it can hold your baby for 
Perhaps, the new Audi has not the best looks you can 
get outwardly, but it has one of the best handling, 
speed, space, comfort, practicality, power and 
engine. So, it deserves to be on the best supercar list.

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